Through our transaction preparation, process excellence, and worldwide buyer reach,
we can move the needle considerably in favor of the business owner.

Entrepreneurial Dreamlab is an angel/venture capital organization committed to investing in start-up, early stage or growth restricted companies that require more than capital but also a partner that provides a hands-on approach along with investment to defy odds and increase their likelihood of success.

Kratos Investments Limited is a Bermuda-based private holding company that is actively exploring the global market for new investment opportunities. Our experienced team is investing in a wide spectrum of assets ranging from hard assets to public/private enterprises. The team has work experience ranging from start-ups to turnarounds but most importantly is our proven track record of success in our investments.

Invenio offers its clients a wholly bespoke service, drawing on the expertise of its Senior Team and Advisory Panel, a combination of investment bankers, sector specialists, seasoned entrepreneurs and private company principal investors. Our advice is always specific to the needs of each individual client and uniquely embeds all perspectives which impact valuation and deliverability. Our clients never accept compromise and so neither do we.